Having content on your website doesn't always mean that you will be ranked highly on Google. Even though your website has fresh, new content that hasn't ever been used, which Google recognizes, if your keywords haven't been implemented properly, then Google won't rank you as highly as you would like. In order for search engines to rank you, they need to understand what your content is talking about, which they find out through the implementation of your keywords. In addition, the elements in your content also need to be optimized, such as the h1 (main title) and h2 (subtitle, subcategories, etc.) tags. You also need to bold, italicize, or underline your keywords in the content, so that these words are emphasized by your readers and by search engines. We will make sure that all of your elements are put in place, have proper tags and descriptions, and are coded properly to maximize your search engine rankings.

On-page optimization ensures that all of your content, keywords, tags, and meta descriptions are concerning the same topic, so that search engines can increase your ranking for that particular keyword or phrase. We also make sure that your keywords are included in your titles, descriptions, and content, but that they aren't included so often that the writing seems choppy or incoherent. This ensures that the search engines know that your website isn't created by a robot, which will also increase your ranking.

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